Welcome To PT Suryamas Akurasi

PT. Suryamas Akurasi is the leader of mould base manufacturing company in Indonesia, located in the biggest industrial estate in Southeast Asia. We are a company that specialize in making standard and custom mould base with a very high precision under the brand of FTB®. Through years of experience and hard work, we are able to produce Mould base that includes advanced pocketing and other extensive works.

PT. Suryamas Akurasi is a company that is well equipped with numbers of precision CNC Milling Machine and Surface Grinding Machine. We are a team of a highly skilled workforce that are dedicated to meet the satisfaction of our customers.

Suryamas Akurasi has commitment on consistency, reliability and quick delivery. With our excellent engineers and members of staff, we are able to manufacture a consistent high quality mould base that meets the different request of each customer. Also, we accept repairs and maintenances of products manufactured by our company. As a company, we believe in serving our customers to our best capability.

Besides manufacturing mould base, PT. Suryamas Akurasi is the sole agent of SANWA SHOKO CO. LTD from Japan, for Welding Machines (Laser Welding, Tig Welding and Cold Welding) and Polishing Machines such as Sanwa Laptron and Mold Washer in Indonesia. We are a proud agent of SANWA SHOKO CO. LTD, since 1997.

Our goal is to be one of the world’s leading Mould Base manufacturing company that is trusted for its consistent high quality and reliability. We intend to serve our customers with our best capability from the beginning until the end as we believe that we do not settle for anything less than excellence.

About Our Company

The mission of PT. Suryamas Akurasi is to offer high mould base quality with a competitive price.
Our team always aim to be the fastest, the most trustable and reliable FTB® mould base maker.
The fastest, trustable and reliable mould base manufacturer in Indonesia
“ FTB® is the number one mould base manufacturer in Indonesia”
“ FTB® is always the fastest, reliable and trustable”
“ FTB® is our team’s destiny to success and to keep moving forward into tomorrow with confident and hard work”
“Respect each other and serve customers better”

Our Company History

PT. Suryamas Akurasi was established in 1997 by Sir Jioe Denny Julius and his Family. We started as a trading agent for a Japanese Company. From years of knowledge exchange and experience, we learn to manufacture our own Mould Base. By 2004, PT. Suryamas Akurasi has its own brand under the name of FTB. We are extremely proud of our heritage and the company we have become today. Throughout our history, it has been the dedication of our family, which includes all members of staff that made us who we are today, the leader of Mould Base Manufacturing Company in Indonesia.